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Jacob Lamm

That's cool! I never win at anything! Thank you Apple! I have received the silver version

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Roy Eyler

I just got a call from the Courier, that I can pick up my prize. Am so glad that I took part.

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George Miller

Two days ago, I have invited 10 friends and qualified for the iPhone. Today I got it. Thank you Apple!

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Norah Miller

Mine came in the mail today. Thank you Apple for my iPhone (my T-shirt is too big. Can I replace it? :)!

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Jamie Byrnes

I didn't know if this was serious or not but got my iPhone today!

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Clarence Reck

Thought at first it was a joke but both iPhone 7 and this huge t-shirt actually came with the postman this morning. I want to participate in more surveys! lol

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Gracie Aldrich

Fantastic! An iPhone for free, for Gods sake! I tried to sign up for a second time to win another iPhone, but they called me because they realized that my email was duplicated. I asked for another t-shirt and they sent it to me ... I have two T-shirts now! LOOOL!

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Roger Marshall

I actually saw this survey and ignored it because I thought it was a scam. Saw this ad again and decided to try it because I was bored ... Actually got a iPhone + blue t-shirt. TOTALLY INSANE!

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